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Message (-17 / -117): socket() error

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2013 03:55PM GMT


I have installed the rlmid1 dongle drivers but,  when I try to start the software, it reports:
Error checking out <product> license
Communications error with license server (-17)
socket() error (-117)

What can I do?


The error message that you are seeing (-17 / -117) indicates that the network server / client communication is not working correctly. The following is taken from the Network License Guide and should help to isolate and fix the problem:

Connection refused at server

After installing the license server, the following error message may be displayed on the client computer:

    Error checking out XXX license
    Communication error with license server (-17)
    socket() error (-117)

This error normally message means that the license server and client PC can not contact each other. This is usually an issue to do with internet connectivity.

  1. Check is that the license server is up and running correctly - to do that, point a browser to  http://localhost:5054 on the server machine, and if you get the Reprise License Server Administration page, look at the Status - under ISV Servers you should see an entry for limitstate. If you are unable to get to the administration page, check to see that the server machine is online and that the RLM service is running.
  2. Check that the value entered for the Network license server name matches the name of the computer running the license server.
  3. If both of the above are OK, check that there is not a firewall blocking ports 5053 / 5054. The person responsible for the firewall will normally know whether this is the case. The optional diagnostic tools installed with the license server sofware includes a script that runs some local firewall detection programs. This will list if a firewall exception has been made either for rlm.exe on the server, the LimitState software on the client computer, or port 5053 on either.
  4. If there is still no connectivity, check that the antivirus software running on both machines is not restricting communication.
  5. If none of the above are successful, check that there is only a single license in the folder with the server executable and that this is valid (i.e. in date, not blank etc.). License files can be opened with any standard text editor (e.g. Notepad / MS Wordpad). If multiple licenses are present, delete all but the relevant one then, using the web interface, click Reread / Restart Servers > REREAD/RESTART and try checking out a license again.

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