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Message (-17 / -111): Connection refused at server

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2014 04:36PM GMT


When trying to use a network license, I receive the message:

Error checking out PRODUCT license.
Communications error with license server (-17)
Connection refused at server (-111)

How can I resolve this?


A '-17 / -111' warning message normally means that either the license server is not running, or the wrong value has been entered for the "Network license server name" in the LimitState software license dialog.

Try the following:

  • Check is that the license server software is running correctly - to do that, point a browser to http://localhost:5054 on the server machine, and if you get the Reprise License Server Administration screen, look at the Status page.
  • Check that the value entered for the Network license server name in the LimitState software on the client machine matches the name of the computer running the license server - the server name is shown at the top of the Reprise License Server Administration status page - e.g. 'Status for "rlm" on <server_name> (port 5053)'.
  • If both of the above are OK, the problem is likely to be a firewall blocking port 5054. The person responsible for the firewall will normally know whether this is the case. The optional Diagnostic Tools section of the network license server installer includes a script that runs some local firewall detection programs. This will list if a firewall exception has been made either for rlm.exe on the server, the LimitState software on the client computer, or port 5053 on either. If a firewall does exist, try unblocking port 5054 and see if this rectifies the problem. Note that the firewall on recent versions of Windows Server has changed, and now requires a 'rule' for the port as well as an exception in the firewall in order to allow communication.

If none of these actions solve the problem, please contact our support team on support@limitstate.com  or +44 (0) 114 224 2240

It would also be useful for us to see the diagnostics file for the server machine:
  1. Go to the "Reprise License Server Administration" web page on the server (http://localhost:5054)
  2. Click 'Diagnostics' on the left-hand-side
  3. Save 'rlmdiag.txt' then email it to support@limitstate.com

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