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Importing a DXF file does not produce a model

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013 12:30PM GMT


"Importing a dxf file into LimitState:GEO does not produce a model but I can open the file in other programs. Are there any restrictions on what I can import?"


Yes - there are restrictions on the object types that you can import in a DXF. Detailed guidance is given in the LimitState:GEO User Manual.

You may also find the following tips for preparing your DXF files useful:

Tips for preparing DXF files

  1. You should isolate the area that you are interested in analysing.
  2. LimitState:GEO looks for closed loops of lines with which to create solid objects - therefore all intersections, corners etc. should be checked to make sure that lines really do meet, rather than just appear to meet.
  3. The drawing should be 2D and simplified as much as possible.
  4. LimitState:GEO works in metres, so the DXF file should also be in metres (tip - check that $insunits, if present, is set to 6).
  5. The importer works best if the dxf consists of lines / polylines. Curves and circles are not recognised and should be substituted with straight-line alternatives.
  6. It is best to remove any lines that are entirely overlapping each other).
  7. All text / hatching / unused layers should be removed from the file.
  8. An appropriate point (normally the bottom left corner of the domain or nearby) should be set to (0,0).
  9. Finally, it is a good idea to 'explode' the drawing just before saving.

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